The Golden Telescope – Episode 9

Episode 9 – in this live reading from The Golden Telescope – Book One in my Jack and the Magic Hat Maker middle-grade fantasy series, I read Chapters Fifteen – Hope and Sixteen – Escape.

In Chapter Fifteen, we walk along with Arthur Loyal, the Mac Paidin family butler, as he once again visits the upper room in the mansion where he notices a second bright light blinking on the surface of the locator globe.

In Chapter Sixteen, we listen in as Bill, Bart’s dad, gives the boys a ride home from downtown Portland and along the way, makes a stop to reveal that he knows something magical has been going on with or around Jack and shares some secrets of his own. A plan is hatched to help Jack escape from his uncle and aunt and the danger they present to him.

What comes next in our story, following Episode 9? Stay tuned for more readings!

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