The Fall

The Fall

A Novel

by Albert Jaskula

2023 American Writers Awards – Finalist

Regrets are like birthdays—they keep coming, each one a new scar slowing you down and dragging you closer to your grave.

Ariel Fall, a seasoned private investigator, knew this well. After the devastating loss of his wife and young daughter, Ariel attempts to forge ahead, leaving behind the painful memories that threatened to ensnare him. But his quest for redemption proved more elusive than anticipated, and his entanglement in a series of harrowing investigations was proving rather useless, only serving to expose the darkest corners of humanity’s nature and the enigmatic depths of the human mind.

Haunted by the relentless pursuit of truth, Ariel embarks on a treacherous journey, encountering a seductive femme fatale and an enigmatic “guardian angel” along the way. As he delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the Lavender Killer, the League of Damned, and the notorious Dirty Joe, he discovers the pervasive corruption lurking within the very heart of the London police force.

In a world where rules and morality blur, Ariel is forced to confront his own limitations and question the validity of conventional approaches. Struggling with the weight of his decisions, each one seeming to lead to his downfall, he realizes that true impact requires bending and even breaking the rules. With the specter of failure looming, Ariel must navigate treacherous waters where every choice feels like a waking nightmare.


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