Rump Roast Dilemma

Rump Roast

Does anyone have suggestions for successfully baking a Rump Roast?? I normally choose Pot/Chuck Roast (it’s what my mother always made), and it is pretty reliable for producing a tender, juicy, ‘fall-off-the-bones’ – even though there is no bone – result. But we decided to try a Rump Roast today…against my better judgment, lol! And after 3+ hours…it’s still very dense and not tender. I’m of the opinion that this is a no-go, and I won’t be buying one again in the future. But I’d love to hear thoughts or suggestions for making this cut more tender if y’all have some ideas! (**Hubby is strictly carnivore right now, so please, no comments about adding carrots, onions, garlic, or potatoes, etc. I know, I know! Been there, done that!)

I Got Lots of Great Advice!

Friends on Facebook offered all kinds of great (and surprising!) suggestions!


Rump Roast Update – Ok, so this is what we ended up with after cooking it at 400 for about 4 hours yesterday, then dropping it down to…I think like 250 after all the feedback from y’all. Then in the fridge overnight. And then it spent, like, 3.5 more hours in a 200-degree oven. It’s ok. Tastes like pan to me, lol! But it will be good. I told Jeff we need to put melted butter on it. Melted butter solves everything, lol!
This is so frigging LEAN. Hardly any fat at all. Needs MOISTURE. Kind of reminds me of pulled pork. Like, it needs to be inside a quesadilla or something.
Yeah, no. I won’t be doing this again. But it was something new.

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