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The moment has come to finally learn why Inez and Clara Mac Paidin are so devoted to the malevolent forces propelling them. And glimpse behind the veil to learn who orchestrated the battle for control of Jack and his siblings.

The Guardians of Dyrrheim, an ancient world comprised of two warring factions, the Angels of Vittajord, and the Demons of Blarjord, flourished as they fought for dominion among mortals. Humans gifted with special abilities by interbreeding or circumstance came to be revered as demigods…a select few bestowed with the eternal gift of immortality.

But others, because of their rebellion and evil nature, were denied this timelessness. Instead, these cursed souls were destined to live only brief, mortal lifetimes.

Unless they were able to find a loophole —

THE DARK CABAL – Book Six in the Jack and the Magic Hat Maker fantasy series takes us on a trip through time to the beginning of that evil secret society. Middle-graders and magic lovers of all ages will love the epic worlds, magical creatures, time travel, portals, spells, and suspense in the continuation of this fast-paced tale.

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