Jack and the Magic Hat Maker Box Set #1 – Books 1-3 (e-Book_


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Includes The Golden Telescope, The Kidnapping King, and The Magical Legacy

★★★★★FUN AND MAGICAL! This is a fun, fast read for all ages. If you’re a fan of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, then this book is for you. Hard to put down. I almost finished it in one night ~Kindle Customer.

Perfect for fans of J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, and Philip Pullman.

A murderous plot by a magical cabal. Three orphan siblings. One reluctant 12-year-old hero.

Jack is a boy whose world has been turned upside down. His parents were killed in an auto collision, and he hasn’t seen his brother or sister for nine years.

Then, his life takes a crazy turn when he touches a golden telescope, which reveals that he has magical powers.

Jack learns that a dangerous organization called The Dark Cabal is responsible for the whole nightmare. This syndicate conspires to control all three children and use their powers for evil purposes. Confronting them will bring Jack into contact with forces more terrifying than he could have imagined.

Fortunately, a mysterious visitor rescues him using a magic hat and takes him to his ancestral home in Dublin, Ireland.

There, after years of trauma-related asthma attacks, Jack finally feels like his life has meaning. Even though he is bewildered to discover that there is a world of magic he knows nothing about, Jack learns that he is the only person who can help find his Grandma Lydia, who is lost in the past and solve the mystery surrounding his parents’ death.

Will Jack succeed in reuniting his family, or will The Dark Cabal achieve their goal of controlling the world?

A double crossing brother. An unexpected trip to the past. Friends with magical powers.

It’s a race through time for 12-year-old Jack Mac Paidin to learn how to use his powers, escape from his evil family members, go back in time to find his grandmother and solve the mystery of his murdered parents, all before it’s too late.

Jack’s wicked aunts have convinced his older brother, Ethan, that Jack is vying to take his rightful share of the family inheritance. All in an effort to pin Ethan against his brother and use him to capture Jack and his magic.

Will Jack be able to help his grandmother return to the present time and reunite his family? And can Lydia protect her grandchildren from the dark cabal who made them orphans and is out to harness their powers?

Millions of years before Jack Mac Paidin was born, a rift existed between the forces of good and evil, foisting one energy against the other.Each side possessed its proponents and initiates, seeking to sway all humankind to their way of thinking. Only a rare, magical anomaly, known as The Power of Three, could tip the balance.

Fast-forward to 20th-century Ireland, where the Mac Paidin family has held lands and influence for hundreds of years. Their magical legacy can be traced through bloodline to the origin of The Order of Light.

As Sir Edward Mac Paidin’s youngest child and only son, Ross (Jack’s future father) is the heir apparent to the family fortune, destined to inherit the title of Magic Hat Maker.

But Ross has other plans.

Unbeknownst to him, Inez, his older sister, is an apprentice to a powerful witch secretly devoted to an evil organization known as The Dark Cabal. This demonic cult has seduced Inez to join them in their pursuit of world domination.

At the same time, far away in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jack’s future mother, Faith, is growing up in a world filled with strange, magical influences of its own.

How will Ross and Faith escape the bizarre world surrounding each other to live normal lives and ultimately become parents to Ethan, Jack, and Sadie?


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