I Wore A Mask For The First Time

Tracy - January 23rd, 2021

Hi Friends,

I hope you’re all doing as well as can be expected during these strange times. Today is the day after my birthday, and I’m reflecting on the past year. I want to alter and re-calibrate my mindset, attitude, and actions going forward.

Admittedly, this last year was not a great one. Jeff and I have really pulled back, refusing to cave to the mask-wearing mandates and dis-information propagated in mainstream news and on social media. As a result, we have almost entirely disengaged from all in-person social interaction. No live music, no live comedy, no eating out at restaurants or frequenting local bars, pubs, or coffee houses, as we usually would. No in-person shopping, no church, no parties. Zip, nada, nothing. For the better part of an entire year.


Well, yesterday, for the first time throughout this whole pageant, I gave in to the requirement to wear a mask so my daughter and I could enjoy a birthday date together. We went out for pho at our favorite place (though we had to eat outside because there is no indoor service permitted in our area currently), and we even went to get pedicures and manicures at the salon we haven’t been to in over a year. Then we went to Starbucks, and I got my favorite: a Venti Americano with heavy cream, which was a real treat, even though, again, no indoor seating. So, we sat out in the cold and sipped our coffees.

I detested having to wear the mask. But at the same time, my heart went out to the small business owners and contractors/employees who depend on our patronage to sustain their family’s livelihood.


But I decided that my obstinance is only hurting me. I’m choosing to go without the few things that could be increasing my joy in an otherwise oppressive and challenging situation. Our governor couldn’t give a rat’s ass if I defy her mask-wearing mandate, so long as I stay locked in my house and don’t go out and engage with others. This entire situation is about power and control. And it pisses me off.

But I’m not pissed off, by nature. I’m normally a very happy person. But this whole year…Covid…then the “election” has me so constantly distressed and angry…and I can tell it’s just not good for my health. Mental, emotional, or physical.

So, I’ve decided to give in and purchase some comfortable face masks. Ugh. I talked to Jeff this morning and told him that I think we should resume having a life. We can take our political stand with our vote (the best we can) and choose not to support businesses and organizations that blatantly oppose freedom.


From all apparent indicators, this whole freaking mess isn’t going away anytime soon. So, I guess the best I can do is ride the wave.

How are you guys coping?

I sincerely would love to know what you are doing or not doing and how your heart and head feel after a year of this craziness!

Please share your thoughts below.

Stay well. Be happy.

Lots of Love,


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