Just Two Days Back on a Plant-Based Diet

Ok, so not even two days on a plant-based diet. More like by the end of the first day. Ugh. HERE’S THE STORY On Thursday, June 16th, 2022, I wrote the following journal entry – “After 15 months on a low-fat, plant-based diet, here are some of the issues & concerns I’m noticing – Seriously increased cracking sound in my knees & ankles – audibly. Muscle loss – noticeably in my upper body. I feel much weaker. Extremely thin & weak fingernails. Thinner Hair – significantly. Still high blood pressure after almost a year and a half. Continual crusty nasal

Diet Results and Other Musings

More Plant Based Diet Results I’ll get straight to the good news: Following my plant based routine, I’m down another pound this morning! And I’m not feeling hungry or deprived! WIN! One thing I’ve noticed over the last couple of years is that, no matter which type of diet program I’m following – be it keto-carnivore or fat-free whole foods/starch-based – I get really hungry! I mean…the hunger pangs are horrible! And I feel like I have to either spend a lot of time Intermittent Fasting (IF) or I have to severely calorie restrict. Either way, I’m depriving my body

Trying the Carnivore Diet

Will I see any benefit from adopting a carnivore diet? I decided to give it a try and find out for myself. I was eating a whole-food, plant-based diet for several months (off and on for y-e-a-r-s!) but that wasn’t working for me. So, I decided to pull out all the stops and try this all-animal (no dairy for me) approach. Why the dramatic shift in my diet and lifestyle? Many people would probably assume I was eating a plant-based diet for ethical reasons. Not so. I’m concerned about my own health, first and foremost. And, for me, diet isn’t

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth and Soup Review

Keto Bone Broth from Kettle & Fire. Delicious, Nutritious, Organic, Affordable. Bone broth is something my daughter, Rachel, has never tried before. So, I asked her to  join me for a review of 6 flavors of Kettle & Fire’s quality broths and soups. Flavors we sampled include: Beef – Marrow bones from pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed & finished cattle. This broth contains collagen, a protein many say they haven’t been getting enough of from other foods. It also contains amino acids such as glycine and proline. Chicken – Organic, pasture-raised chicken bones are slow simmered with organic herbs and vegetables. This

Consulting and Coaching Services

COACHING FOR SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHORS. I offer consulting services to authors about the pros and cons of self-publishing their books. I have worked with both fiction and non-fiction authors. Qualifications – 3-time Self-Published Author with books available in eBook, Paperback, and Hard Cover at all the major booksellers. Publisher of 2 Online Magazines for a combined five years experience. Proofread and edited twice monthly submissions from 25+ contributors. Connections with industry professionals in; illustration, editing, internal layout and formatting, cover design, etc. Partner in a software development company for 20+ years. Website designer with years of experience creating sites for authors

Diet Confusion: Keto vs. Plant-Based

Have you been experiencing diet confusion? Frustrated by all of the conflicting and contradictory diet and nutrition messages out there? In particular, there is a major difference of opinion as to whether a low-carb, ketogenic diet, or a low-fat whole-foods/plant-based diet is the better choice for overall health, nutrition, and longevity. I know I’ve experienced more than my share of confusion on the subject! I watched this video by Ryan of Happy Healthy Vegan the other night…twice…because I think the explanation shared by Cyrus Khambatta of Mastering Diabetes, who has a PhD in nutritional biochemistry, makes literally more sense than

Menopause and Raw Foods

Menopause Can Be a Challenge In 2000, at age 38, for the first time in my life, I started experiencing some strange health concerns. We had recently moved to a 20-acre piece of property we purchased in Central Oregon and were drinking the local, city water while waiting to put in our own well. Shortly thereafter I began suffering from muscle weakness in both of my arms and dizziness that became nearly debilitating…especially whenever moving from a horizontal to a vertical position, or when rolling over in bed at night. Kind of like an ear infection would affect your equilibrium. 

Plant-Based Keto – Is It Possible? Is It Healthy?

Plant-Based Keto sounds like a crazy idea, when you first consider it. Right? I mean, isn’t one of the biggest attractions to a keto diet the fact that you can eat all that meat, poultry, fish, and eggs with abandon? Oh, and cheese. Omg…the cheese! Well, maybe. If that kind of food makes you feel good. And I’m talking physically here. I’m primarily about health. But animal cruelty IS something to think about. Let’s talk about that later. For now, I’m just talking about the impact on your body. And I can only speak for myself…but I’ll tell you, I’ve

Thinking About All The Things – April 5, 2021

I’ve Been Thinking About Writing Book Three: Ross and Faith a Lot Lately. Thinking a lot, but not so much doing! I’ve set a release date for Summer 2021, and I am committed to meeting that deadline. But I’ve had a hard time digging into the story. Maybe it has something to do with my overall mindset due to Covid. Or possibly the long winter months filled with Pacific Northwest gray skies and gloom have been getting to me. I’m not sure. I _have_ written some of the story. And I’m mulling it over in my head. Don’t get me