Sunday Musings: New Series, Moving Onto Our Land, etc.

Isabella the Invisible

I’m Trying to Think About Writing a New Series

But it’s a challenge to think about anything else with our impending move on the immediate horizon!

As you probably know by now, I’ve published four of the nine books in my Jack and the Magic Hat Maker series. I’m currently working on Book Five: The Order of Light and it’s on Pre-Order for electronic delivery on Oct. 1st. But I also have this other new series rattling around in my head screaming at me, wanting to get out. So, I’m devoting a little brain space to the evolution of this story now, too. Because…it’s fun for me to take a bit of a creative shift and think about a different story a bit now.

The Series is Called Isabella the Invisible

Quick summary: Isabella is a 16-year-old Sumerian princess in line to inherit her father’s throne when an evil sorceress casts a curse of invisibility on her. She is then thrust forward in time to present-day USA, where Isabella and her new friends strive to solve the mystery of removing the curse and returning her to ancient Sumer and her awaiting kingdom.

I used MidJourney Ai to generate some images for how I envision Isabella to look, Pre-Curse. And after some manipulation to get an authentic appearance, I got four versions I liked. I decided to post them to my Facebook business page and profile for feedback. Here they are, in case you don’t follow me over there –

And the Winner Is…

After some great feedback, the image with the most votes is #1…which was also my favorite. I enlarged her so that this is the version I’m working with –


And the Winner Is…

After some great feedback, the image with the most votes is #1…which was also my favorite. I enlarged her so that this is the version I’m working with –

I will, of course, provide the story concept and my images to my cover designers…but we’ll see what I end up with for the cover of Book One.

Stay Tuned.

Homestead Update

Well, folks, it’s almost time for us to make the move out onto our land!

If you’re following my posts, you know that we relocated from Oregon to NE Texas two years ago next month. Our intention was to purchase land and build our forever home. We sold all our worldly possessions filling a 3-bedroom, 2-car garage home, plus our commercial laser-engraving and woodworking business equipment, only bringing with us what we could fit in the back of our car. Then we made the drive to Texas…a place neither of us had lived before.

We bought the land shortly after arriving, and in the meantime, have been temporarily living in a one-bedroom apartment while preparing our property.

You’ve likely seen posts from my ‘cloffice’ where my desk area has been located over these past two years…

But no more! My next post will be from our new home out on our land!

Woo Hoo!

We are very excited.

There is still so much to do…but we’ve accomplished a lot already!

  • Purchased land.
  • Defined what portion we wanted to be cleared for a home site.
  • Hired several teams to clear trees, including mulching, pulling out large stumps, and even taking down most of a huge, dead oak that was a safety hazard.
  • Brought in 14 dump truck loads of fill dirt for the home site and had that area leveled.
  • Arranged for installation of a power pole from the electric company.
  • Hired an electrician to install a meter box to connect power from the power pole, then arranged for another electrician to install the actual meter for the electric company. THEN a team from the power company (these are two different entities in the state of Texas) came back out and trenched under our driveway, running conduit containing the wire connecting power to the meter box.
  • Arranged to have a well drilled so that we’d have water on site.
  • Purchased a fifth-wheel trailer to live in so that we can be on site for the rest of our building project.
  • Arranged for a professional to tow our RV out to our land.
  • Had the RV pad and driveway graveled
  • Ordered Starlink for reliable high-speed internet service – which is mandatory to keep earning our income. (*I’ll post a review after we install and use it for a while to get a feel for the service and speed.)

That’s About It For Now

Until next time, I hope you are happy and safe. Stay warm if it’s cold where you are. We’ve been experiencing lows in the teens and twenties the last couple of weeks.

I’ll keep you posted on all our adventures…and my writing, of course.



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