Silver Lining – Working on Dumbledore Portrait

Update - Dumbledore - May 26, 2020

Professor Albus Dumbleore – A Portrait

Update - Dumbledore - May 26, 2020I started my Harry Potter series just over a year ago. Dumbledore was third in the series and I still haven’t completely finished him.

As you might have guessed, I started the series with a portrait of Harry Potter, which I completed in February of 2019.

Next, I followed that project with my favorite character from the story; Severus Snape. He was completed in April.

I actually started work on Dumbledore on March 29th. But quickly became disenchanted (lol!) by all the detail in his image. ESPECIALLY all that hair! Big hair is pretty intimidating. Mostly because it requires a LOT of precision line work to get all of the strands and shading done just right. And, honestly, hair is the least interesting element in any portrait for me to work on. I prefer the elements that really reflect the soul of a person…first the eyes. Then the mouth and other facial expressions. So, hair is kind of background noise for me, from a creative standpoint.

And Albus Dumbledore has A LOT of hair.

So, I set him aside and started working on the portrait of Snape, instead. I started him on April 4th and completed him on the 6th! Two days later! You can tell…I was obsessed with that project!

But Dumbledore has still been in a state of partial completion all this time, lol!

It’s been long enough now that I can go at the project again, with fresh eyes and enthusiasm, and I’m determined to finally finish the piece.

I’ll post another photo when he is all done.

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