PTSD and the 12 Steps

PTSD and the 12 Steps

A Tailored, Mindful, Calming, and Growth-Oriented Approach for Survivors, Family, and Friends

by David R. Preston, J.D., Ph.D.

For people with PTSD, the language of the 12 steps can be vague and even triggering. Use this expanded guide to find your way and begin healing.

Following a 12-step program can be a great way to heal, but for many people, the language of each step leaves much to be desired. They are written to be open-ended and malleable to peoples’ lives. After all, each person has a unique life story, and a one-size-fits-all set of rules would likely exclude more people than it would include.

However, it can be difficult to start unraveling trauma and PTSD without a clear sense of direction. In this book, I elaborate on each of the 12 steps with narratives that make sense to me and can hopefully help others. Each of these retooled steps is meant to be a possible interpretation that puts some meat on the bare bones of the original steps.

The 12 steps were originally a treatment for addiction, which can often require a more heavy-handed and all-encompassing approach. PTSD may not fit that mold, so this book promotes a softer methodology that centers on stability, maintenance, and gradual growth. In essence, I’ve sanded down the rough edges of the 12 methods in an effort to create a safe space for PTSD survivors to unpack their trauma.

PTSD and the 12 Steps is an expanded version of the 12-step approach suited for readers looking to improve their mental health, address their traumatic experiences, and begin the journey of healing from PTSD.

Order your copy today to take the first step into a new and hopeful tomorrow.


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