Donald Trump – A Presidential Portrait

Donald Trump - A Presidential Portrait

Donald Trump - A Presidential PortraitDonald Trump is President of the United States of America

And since Donald Trump holds that distinguished office, I decided a presidential portrait is the ideal theme for my current “Just For Fun” project.

It’s been awhile since I created a piece on vegetable tanned leather, and I just happen to have some on-hand, so I decided this might be a fun one to work on.

I’ve also been wanting to create a larger piece as an example of my portrait work. What better person than President Trump for this piece? He has such a “larger-than-life” personality! He is the perfect subject for this undertaking!

The project size is 16″W x 20″H, much larger than any portrait I’ve burned before. On wood or leather.

There is a LOT of shading in this photo, and much of that is very dark…with his navy jacket and the deep blue and red in the flag…plus the blurred shading in the background. That much shading represents many, many hours of burning. So, I’ve allowed time to work on this project, between client work, and when the mood strikes me.

I’m happy to say it’s about finished! Which is great, since I started work on it in the summer of 2019! I just need to add final touches then have a custom mat and frame made suitable for the dignity of this piece.

*I’m secretly hoping to send this completed portrait to our president and would love to, ultimately, see it hanging in the White House! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

I’ll update this post with the matted and framed piece…ready to hang.

Until then…you can view the progress I was making on this piece below. And if you like my work you can…

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Donald Trump - Presidential Portrait -Initial Image























Donald Trump - Presidential Portrait -Update 1

Donald Trump - Presidential Portrait - Update Feb. 4, 2020

Donald Trump - Presidential Portrait - Update Feb. 12, 2020

Donald Trump - A Presidential Portrait

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