Liz Enko and the Charming and Harming of Farming

Liz Enko and the Charming and Harming of Farming

(Liz Enko and the Dogmatism and Sophism of Scientism)

by Noam Inkfeather

Step into a poetic wonderland in the debut book by author Noam Inkfeather, Liz Enko, and the Charming and Harming of Farming, the first installment of a series of captivating Liz Enko books. This lyrical masterpiece contrasts tradition and innovation, weaving a tale that celebrates the enduring magic of rhyme and reason. In the heart of Agrippa, the Farmer’s verdant world, a clash of ideals sets the stage for a captivating narrative. Liz Enko is a young mind freshly molded by the influence of wealthy industrialist Miss Anthropy in the guise of science and progress. She becomes entangled in the age-old struggle between the wisdom of the land and the allure of modernization.

As the story unfolds through poetic verses, follow the footsteps of Agrippa and a community of steadfast farmers who unite to protect their heritage. Together, they challenge the relentless march of progress with wisdom, resilience, and the time-honored customs of their trade. “Liz Enko and the Charming and Harming of Farming” is an enchanting tale that invites readers of all ages to rediscover the beauty of tradition and the enchantment of innovation, all in the lyrical embrace of poetic storytelling.

This book marks the beginning of a poetic series that seeks to illuminate the dangers of ideologically driven scientism,
cleverly alluding to its roots with the play on words in “Liz Enko,” referencing the catastrophically erroneous Soviet era biologist Trofim Lysenko. Join us on this poetic odyssey that captures the essence of rural life, one rhyme at a time, and stay tuned for more adventures in the Liz Enko series.


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