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Freeze Sleeve on Whitneys World
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Freeze Sleeve For Sports Recovery, Joint Pain, and More

FREEZE SLEEVE is a unique product I just learned about last month. As a grandparent with grand kids in gymnastics, martial arts and other sports, as well as someone who has suffered with joint pain, off and on, over the years, this product really caught my attention! Mike and Robbin, the owners and designers of the FREEZE SLEEVE, have four children who are all active and participate in multiple competitive sports.  All four kids had their share of injuries over the years (as all kids do!), but the youngest of the bunch “Lizzie” could not stay at 100%.  She is a competitive gymnast who trains up to 25 hours a week.  After multiple broken bones, fractures,  pains and strains… her little body was a wreck.  The story goes that one day she came home from practice crying of both elbow and knee pain. Mike and Robbin’s immediate reaction was to tell her they needed to take her out of gymnastics and find another sport.   But when their daughter replied, with tears streaming down her face, “But Dad, I LOVE gymnastics!” They knew they had to find a better solution. Mike had personally used ice and compression for years as a recovery tool after his daily workouts, so he decided to do some research to see if there was anything out there for her.  After countless hours of searching on the internet, and purchasing multiple products to try, he was ready to give up.  Nothing fit her little body and on top of that, he found that trying to keep her still for 15 minutes to ice every night was nearly impossible.  Mike knew there had to be a better way.  After seeing an infomercial late one night for compression sleeves… he had that “ah ha” moment.  He wondered if they could actually make a product that delivered cold therapy in a comfortable, easy to use compression sleeve that was child friendly, non toxic and leak proof?  That’s exactly what they did! And the concept has taken off! Now they not only have FREEZE SLEEVES in children’s sizes, they offer them for adults, too. And they come in lots of vibrant colors so that they can be stylish as well as functional! I decided to became an affiliate so that I could share their amazing products with others who need something just like this! If you’d like to PURCHASE A FREEZE SLEEVE FOR YOURSELF or for someone you love, then CLICK THIS LINK to visit their website and learn more. Yes, I’ll earn a small commission if you do buy…but it won’t cost you a single penny more to purchase through my link and you’ll help support my blog…which I really appreciate! Watch this video below to see FREEZE SLEEVE in action. (Wow! These girls are amazing!) If you or someone you love experiences joint pain, sports injuries, or just needs relief from pain I hope you will give FREEZE SLEEVE a try! I love supporting small business owners and…

Nov. 19, 2013
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Raw Foods and Menopause

In 2000, at age 38, for the first time in my life I started experiencing some strange health challenges. We had recently moved to a 20 acre piece of property we purchased in Central Oregon and were drinking the local, city water while waiting to put in our own well. Shortly thereafter I began experiencing muscle weakness in both of my arms and dizziness that became nearly debilitating…especially whenever moving from a horizontal to a vertical position, or when rolling over in bed at night. Kind of like an ear infection would effect your equilibrium.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out that it might have something to do with the water I was drinking (strange that no one else in the family had these symptoms, though…) and I quickly started purchasing 2.5 gallon dispenser jugs of purified water to consume. The pain got better almost immediately. But the dizziness persisted…not nearly as badly as it had been before changing to the purified water…but it still clung to me, off and on, for several years afterward. In late 2006 my younger cousin, Floyd, who was 40 at the time, was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a softball. This had a significant impact me, both emotionally and psychologically. I desperately wanted to find a way to help him beat that illness. Combined with the fact that my father had suffered a double heart attack, several years earlier, at age 60 and was experiencing a gradual, but progressive, decline in his health, I was motivated to begin research on ways to heal the body through diet and nutrition. This is when I found the Raw Food lifestyle. And without going into all of the history surrounding that (I’ve already written about that experience in detail on my other blog: http://tracyjprez.wordpress.com) I will say that over the next couple of years I followed that lifestyle with quite a bit of personal success. But it caused a significant challenge with my family, who did not embrace the idea of eating mostly raw foods, and this resulted in a fractured home-life, when it came to meals and food consumption. So, in early 2008 I gradually began eating more and more cooked foods. During this same time frame I began noticing that my body was starting to experience some definite hormonal shifts. I wasn’t FEELING any different, but my monthly cycle was becoming sporadic, so I knew that something was changing. I hadn’t really experienced much weight-loss on raw foods during my first attempt following a high-raw diet, but most of my strange symptoms did go away, and I really LIKED the lifestyle.  However, due to the situation with my family and other factors, I was lead back to eating mostly cooked food again. By January 2009 my weight was at an all-time high of 193 and I was feeling awful about myself. I’m tall, 5 feet 8 inches, so I can carry more weight than most women without looking especially…