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Low Carb High Fat or High Carb Low Fat
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Low Carb High Fat or High Carb Low Fat – My Personal Story

Are you as confused about diet and all the freaking weight-loss programs and theories out there as I am? Here is (most of) my story about my struggle with losing weight and achieving optimal health and wellness. Here is the link to the Keto vs. Vegan blog post and video I referred to in this video: http://tracypartridgejohnson.com/blog… https://www.paypal.me/TracyJPDX

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I am really damn frustrated!

Ok, so, I haven’t been writing much lately and the honest truth is that I am frustrated as hell with diet and my weight. Ugh! So, I guess I”m just going to have to tell the story. By February 2009 I reached an all-time high weight of 193 pounds. And I decided something had to change. I’d been following a mostly raw foods lifestyle for close to 2 years at that time, but unlike other…