There are so many reasons I choose AVON! All start with my childhood AVON Lady, Joyce Bailey, a shining example of great customer service!

When I was a little girl Joyce lived in the last house at the end of our block in Orem, Utah. She became more than a friend to us. She was more like family.

Joyce was an older lady and she and her husband, Bill, didn’t have any children (that we knew of), so we kind of adopted them.

Joyce regularly came to our house with her big AVON bag filled with all kinds of personal care products. I loved sampling all the fragrances and creams, and she had the iconic green plastic lipstick minis container filled with lots of colors of lipstick she let us try on.

Avon mini lipstick case

I’m an artist, so of course, I loved makeup from the word Go!

Mom didn’t use Avon products exclusively…but pretty darn close! She was an avid Avon customer. So, we always had Avon products in the house.

Because of this early exposure, I have a great fondness for the Avon brand and quality.

A few years ago, in November of 2015, my mother passed away after a horrible battle with breast cancer. I had purchased Avon products, occasionally, before that. But after her death, when I was looking for a home-based business I could join to supplement my income, I thought about Avon. I loved the positive name recognition and quality products at affordable prices. But I was really sold on the idea of becoming a representative when I discovered their commitment to donate to find a cure for breast cancer.

If that wasn’t enough, the following sealed the deal for me when it came to why I choose AVON –

  • Zero or very low sign-up fee
  • No annual fee
  • No monthly minimums
  • Free online store to promote their products
  • Commissions of 20 – 45%
  • Same-day, direct deposit of commissions to my bank account
  • Affordable, quality products
  • Completely re-branded their image, investing millions to stay relevant and appeal to on-trend, younger crowd
  • Partnered with The Face Shop to offer a higher-end product line for discriminating customers

Because of all these factors, and more, I decided to jump in with AVON! I have been a rep for six years at the time of this writing and I’m more excited every day by their ever-expanding products and services!

The AVON of 2020 and beyond is not Joyce Bailey’s AVON. But the history of this great company can still be found in it’s core principles and product line.

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