When Dad Is Home

When Dad Is Home

by Devon Felix

Imagine a busybody dad who is always doing something around the house. Whether he is being silly or being positive, everything he does has an impact on the family. It starts off with him doing things around the house that will make you laugh but then progresses into him doing multiple things to show that he is a great dad.

This book is a reflection of fathers – fathers who are present, making a difference, successfully leading their households and any man who is a father figure.

It’s more than just a book; it’s a memory bank of special, meaningful, and appreciated moments created by a father who is active and present in the lives of his children.

When reading this book, it is the hope that every father and child would be entertained, see themselves in the scenarios, and continue to create endearing moments.

This book was written with two goals in mind; One goal is to have fathers pass this book down to their sons from generation to generation. The ultimate goal is to inspire and encourage fathers to consistently strive to be better. If every man dedicates his life to always striving to be better, then there will always be a positive example of a man’s role in his household and society. The young men coming up NEED demonstrations of a positive male presence, whether a father is in the household or not. The future of our young men, our communities, our culture, and entire race is on the line if men are not committed to manhood and fatherhood.


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