To Do Before the End of 2022

To Do Before the End of 2022

2022 ENDS IN 101 DAYS

Can you believe year 2022 is coming to a close? Dude, I’m a little bit blown away when I realize we’ll be in OCTOBER in just eleven days! WHAT??

Where has this year gone? I mean, honestly, a LOT has happened for us this year. Personally. So, there’s that. But still, it just seems like the year is flying by! I’m not sure I’m ready for winter yet.

Ok, Fall is my fave. So, I’m happy about arriving at these months. Especially after the ungodly HOT summer this year.

But there is still so much more I want to accomplish by year’s end.


There’s just something so satisfying about making a list and then crossing line items off as you get them done.

For me, there is, anyhow, lol. Your mileage may vary.

So, let’s start with what I have already accomplished in 2022:

  1. New Year’s Eve was actually THE DAY we made a firm decision to relocate from Forest Grove, Oregon, to Tyler, Texas.
  2. January through the third week of February, we effectively sold or gave away literally EVERYTHING we owned except what would fit into the back of our little Kia Soul. THAT was HUGE!
  3. Last week of February, we hit the road and made the move to Tyler, Texas. A place neither of us had ever been before.
  4. On March 1st, we moved into our temporary housing, a one-bedroom apartment we’re living in while preparing to build our forever homestead.
  5. On May 13th, we signed the purchase agreement on our 2-acre plot of land.
  6. On August 22nd, I published my wood-burning how-to manual: Pyrography for Fun and Profit.
  7. August 31st began production with my new narrator on the audiobook of The Golden Telescope – Book One in my Jack and the Magic Hat Maker series.
  8. On September 3rd, I received my new author-based website and social media banner design, rebranding my public image.
  9. I’ve managed to maintain the 25-pound weight loss I attained in 2021. Though I seem to have stalled there. I’m ok with that for now.
  10. Completed several commissioned pyrography pieces.
  11. I’ve made SOME progress on Book Four – The Risky Reunion…really only about 10-15K more words than I had before leaving Oregon.
  12. Co-written and edited two novels by other authors.


At least for the significant accomplishments in 2022 so far. Now for what I still want to accomplish before year’s end:

  1. I’m committed to finishing and publishing Book Four – The Risky Reunion, BEFORE the holiday season this year. My publish date is set for November 28th.
  2. Publication of the audiobook of The Golden Telescope has been pushed back because my narrator is on overload. So, that is now aligned with the release of Book Four.
  3. Our land will be cleared next week. Woo hoo! So, that kind of throws a monkey wrench in most of my personal plans for the rest of the year. Because we are building our homestead ourselves. That means we will be out on our land hammering, sawing, drilling, and screwing together all the stuff, so we are ready to move out there by early spring of next year.


Have you made a list? What line items have you been able to cross off your list of goals for this year? Do you even have a list? Just writing out all that we have done so far this year makes me realize we have accomplished more than I thought we had over the first three quarters of 2022.

The holidays are nearly upon us, and I’m excited to experience them for the first time in our new home state of Texas. This year has mostly been about preparation for what’s to come. Jeff and I both kind of feel like we have just been passing time waiting for the chance to actually build on our land. But the waiting period is almost over! We are SUPER EXCITED for the next chapter!

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