The Magical Legacy – Autographed Paperback


The Magical Legacy – Jack and the Magic Hat Maker: Book 3




Millions of years before Jack Mac Paidin was born, a rift existed between the forces of good and evil, foisting one energy against the other.

Only a rare, magical anomaly, known as The Power of Three, could tip the balance.

Fast forward to 20th century Ireland, where the Mac Paidin family has held lands and influence for hundreds of years. Their magical legacy can be traced, through bloodline, to the origin of The Order of Light.

As Sir Edward’s only son, Ross (Jack’s future father) is the heir apparent to the family fortune. He is also destined to inherit the title of Magic Hat Maker.

But Ross has other plans.

Unbeknownst to him, Inez, his older sister, is an apprentice to the powerful witch, Magda. This evil sorceress is secretly devoted to an evil organization known as The Dark Cabal. This demonic cult has seduced Inez, who is working to recruit her younger sister, Clara.

At the same time, far away in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jack’s future mother, Faith, is growing up in a world filled with strange, magical influences of its own.

How will Ross and Faith escape the bizarre world surrounding each of them?

What evil powers invade and ultimately crush their dreams, leaving their three young children orphans?

Middle-graders and magic-lovers of all ages will love the time travel, portals, spells, and suspense in the continuation of this fast-paced tale. With additional books following in this Jack and the Magic Hat Maker fantasy series, THE MAGICAL LEGACY will expand readers’ understanding and immerse them in an exciting adventure through time and space, reality and fantasy, in pursuit of one boy’s journey for truth and revenge.

Before you read Book Three, be sure to read Book Two: The Kidnapping King

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