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Tracy in Cloffice - 2022

Pyrography (1400 × 2097 px)
beef and vegies
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I love beauty

I am passionate about personal care in all its forms. Whether it be skincare and cosmetics, fashion, fragrance, homecare, or anything that improves the quality of life, making it more beautiful and comforting. I’m all about that!


Blog Posts

I am a writer and an artist. So, I love to write about things that move me. Topics I’m either excited or passionate about. That might be a product review for a company I’m an affiliate for, the latest audiobook I’m listening to or paperback I’m reading, updates on my recent relocation from Oregon to Texas, or a delicious new recipe I’m anxious to try! You’ll get it all here.

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I am an entrepreneur, having started several home-based businesses over my life. I offer a variety of coaching services; from how to become a self-published author, to spiritual guidance, to ways you might improve your health and wellness through adopting a nourishing diet and lifestyle.

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My Story

Tracy - About 13 years old

Curious about my childhood, upbringing, and general background? I’m pretty darn transparent about all of that! Click that photo above, and you’ll be transported back in time! 😉