Jack and the Magic Hat Maker - cover 2019

Jack and the Magic Hat Maker is a  Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Series by Tracy Partridge-Johnson. © 2018 – 2019 Copyright Tracy Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
Book 1 in the series: The Golden Telescope introduces us to twelve year old orphan, Jack Mac Paidin, and his buddy, Bart, who live in Portland, Oregon. We quickly discover that Jack doesn’t know anything about the dark cabal who orchestrated his parent’s death and separated him from his brother and sister eight years ago. Nor is he aware of the immense, untapped magical powers currently lying dormant in two of the three children. It isn’t until an Irish butler, named Arthur, materializes into his bedroom one night, and whisks him away to his ancestral home just outside Dublin, Ireland that Jack learns of the key role he will play in locating his grandmother, Lydia, who has been missing in time for more than two decades, and the nefarious plot designed to alter the course of Jack’s young life.

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