September 2013 Newsletter – How Does Spirituality Impact Your Daily Life?

Tracy April 29, 2014 - smAs a professional intuitive coach it is my job to work with people, on a daily basis, who are unsatisfied with some aspect of their life; relationships, finances, and health issues being the top three areas of concern.

This unusual career path has given me the unique opportunity to look into other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions to gain an intimate view of their fears, vulnerabilities, and problems. It is my job to offer insight and guidance that will hopefully enable and empower each seeker to find meaning and direction along their own, individual path.

Another aspect of my work, however, is acting as a teacher…helping my clients understand that we each have intuitive ability, to one degree or another, and assisting them in the discovery process of learning how to access this ability and apply it to bless and enrich their own lives.

In that spirit, I offer this month’s newsletter. I hope it will give you something of substance to think about and consider implementing to enrich your daily life.



Sitting TogetherHow Does Spirituality Impact Your Love Life on a Daily Basis?

I am frequently baffled by the number of people who come to me wanting to know if I can cast a spell that will compel another person to change their attitude or behavior so that they (themselves) will then be happy. Many times clients want to know if I can perform a “Love Spell” on the other person to make them fall in love with them. My answer is always the same…

The only person you can truly change is YOU. Yes, spells can be very powerful. Just like prayers can be powerful. In fact, the two are very closely related. But here is the key…the person the spell is cast upon must know about it and BELIEVE in it in order for it to have an effect in their life. Just as all the Masters of every great world religion has always said when performing miracles “BY YOUR FAITH”…are you healed, the blind made to see, the lame made to walk, etc.

Allow me to illustrate – Let’s say when you were a teenager someone older than you and whom you viewed to be in a position of authority came to you, looked you in the eye, and said “You are stupid! You are good for nothing and you will never accomplish anything in your life!” That person just cast a spell on you. They planted a seed in your mind. But whether it takes root and grows…has an influence on your future…or not, is completely dependent upon whether or not you choose to NURTURE that seed. Give it POWER in your life. So, yes, spells can be very powerful…but only on the person it is cast upon IF they a.) Know about it, and b.) Give it power to have influence in their own life. We can never COMPEL someone else to do anything they do not want or at least agree to do. Free will is an eternal law.

But what we CAN do is learn about a particular person’s wants, desires, interests…and then BECOME a person who would be more attractive to them. Listen to them, learn compassion, emotionally connect with them and genuinely care about who they are. This DOESN’T mean we should try to be someone other than who we truly are in order to “trick” another person into falling in love with us. What it does mean is that we can become more sensitive to them, as a person.

But the most powerful way Spirituality can have an impact on your love life is by helping you connect with your true Soul Mate. Most people just “fall into” a relationship…with someone who was never meant to be life-long partner. But many times our ego and pride, and more often than not, our HORMONES, get in the way… and we want to force something that really wasn’t intended. I will discuss this topic in more detail in an upcoming newsletter…

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MoneyHow Does Spirituality Impact Your Finances and Career on a Daily Basis?

I love to engage people when I’m out and about! I’m a very social person, so when I’m at the grocery store or talking to an employee at a business I’m frequenting, one of my favorite topics of discussion is how the person I’m talking to enjoys their job. More often than not the response I get is that they can’t stand their work. They can hardly wait until they get off…thank goodness it’s Friday, etc. I find it curious how many people feel stuck in a job or occupation that, if they are lucky, they find tolerable, but more likely, they really can’t stand doing. If I press for more information people are almost always ready and more than willing to share all the details of why they detest their job; their boss is a jerk, they feel taken advantage of, they have been passed up for promotion, they aren’t getting paid what they are worth, etc., etc., etc.

I can relate because I, too, have held positions in the past as an employee, punching a time clock, and bemoaning my existence “just to pay the bills.” Fortunately, it has been a long time now since either my husband or I have held a job working for someone else. Jeff and I have been self-employed for many years now and neither of us can imagine working a regular, 9-5 JOB any longer. Given that, I know first hand the difference between having the freedom to stay up as late as I like, get up whenever my body is naturally ready to wake, going to the movies in the middle of the afternoon…in the middle of the week and having the theater to ourselves, taking time off whenever I desire, determining my own value and charging what I am worth…versus forcing myself to go to bed at 9:30pm so that I can wake up to that annoying beeping of the alarm clock at 4:30 in the morning, living for the weekend and having to endure the masses of humanity at the events and venues we go to, scheduling time off, in advance, or skipping exciting opportunities if the vacation time is denied, accepting a per-hour rate of pay that is far below what I am worth and holding out for a pay-raise of a few cents or at most, a few dollars once a year…etc. The difference is night and day!

We’ve all heard the saying “Do what you love and the money will come.” And there really is truth to that expression. However, most people feel so trapped in the 9-5 rat-race that they become immobilized. They are so exhausted from doing all that they can just to survive that they don’t have the mental or physical energy to break out and do what they really love. And all of this has a direct impact on your spiritual life.

However, the key piece of that puzzle that most people are missing is that Spirit can help to define and clarify the path OUT of this trap! Making the time to simply consult Spirit on a daily basis…to get in touch with what you are superbly qualified to do…finding your true passion and “calling”…will change your whole experience and outlook on life!

And you CAN do it! But you must have the desire, first. And more than desire…you must have the BELIEF that it is possible to find your true calling in life.

And when you do that, your JOB will become your passion…and then your passion will lead you to the wealth and abundance you yearn for.

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PrayerHow Does Spirituality Impact Your Health on a Daily Basis?

Most people think about the ways spirituality has an effect on their personal relationships, and some even make the leap to embrace the ways that our mindset and attitude/spiritual outlook can change our reality when it comes to money, profession, and what we manifest in the material world. However, few have given serious consideration to the ways that spirituality can have a direct impact on our physical health and well-being.

Granted, numerous people will come to me and ask if I will add them or their loved one to my prayer list to send positive energy when there is a serious illness…cancer, heart disease, surgeries, etc…in the hope that this positive energy will protect them from harm and even assist in the healing process.

Not nearly as many, though, think about pursuing the much wiser course of considering how spirituality can help PREVENT illness and disease before it sets in and takes hold of us.

The body truly is the “temple” of the soul. But rather than deify it, as some religions do, suggesting that it is evil or sinful to put anything into the body or do anything to it that would somehow corrupt it, making it an unfit house for the “sacred” soul aspect of our being, I prefer to think of the body simply as our vehicle in this lifetime. It is what enables us, as spirit-based beings, to travel…to come and go and have our experiences. The condition of the vehicle has a direct impact on the quality of our life experience. And so, in order to facilitate a Top Notch “ride”, it just makes good sense to take care of this vehicle, since it is the only one we have in a given lifetime. What that means is that, similar to the way you would take care of your automobile, you want to make sure you not only schedule regular maintenance and tune ups…but you also want to take the extra steps to properly fuel your vehicle so that you can increase your own longevity and prevent blockages, “rust buildup”, leaks, cracks in the fuel lines, overheating the radiator, dings in the windshield, etc. I think you get my analogy ;) So, from a spiritual perspective, this means taking time, each day, to carefully consider the care and maintenance of your body. Not only should you think about physical activity and exercise, but you should also give serious thought to what kind of mental stimulation you allow in (and out), as well as the quality of fuel you consume. When we take the time to make this a spiritual exercise, we bring in an element of awareness that is not present in the mundane world. There has been considerable research done to show the correlation between the beliefs you hold and how they have a direct relation to your physical health. Likewise, the kind of food you consume (think eating “clean” without any processed sugars, grains, or animal products) has a direct effect on your health, which then has a significant effect on how you are feeling, mentally, emotionally, and physically. And there is a very distinct correlation between how you are feeling in your body and your ability to tune into Spirit and receive the guidance and direction you need to move and act, in confidence, in your daily life.

Our access to “Higher Self” is definitely related to our state of mind…which is related to our physical well being…which is related to how we care for our body, mind, and soul. It’s a circular relationship. So, the more in tune we are with what we need to do to keep these other aspects of our being in shape, the more in tune we will be with Spirit…and vice versa.

On the flip side…taking the time to learn more about how to access Spirit, and seeking guidance on a regular basis, will help guide you to the best methods, practices, and nourishment needed in order to facilitate the overall health and wellness of the entire being. If you don’t already have a particular “practice” (prayer, meditation, self-hypnosis, consulting tarot cards, runes, i ching, a pendulum, carrying crystals, etc.) then you may want to give some serious thought and consideration to a new ritual that would work for you. Each person is different, so the tools and methods you adopt will need to be a good fit for you. I will discuss this in more detail in another newsletter…

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