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Trying the Carnivore Diet
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Trying the Carnivore Diet

Will I see any benefit from adopting a carnivore diet? I decided to give it a try and find out for myself. I was eating a whole-food, plant-based diet for several months (off and on for y-e-a-r-s!) but that wasn’t working for me. So, I decided to pull out all the stops and try this all-animal (no dairy for me) approach. Why the dramatic shift in my diet and lifestyle? Many people would probably assume I was eating a plant-based diet for ethical reasons. Not so. I’m concerned about my own health, first and foremost. And, for me, diet isn’t a religion.  More about that here. Of course, I care about animals. Both from an ethical as well as dietary quality perspectives. But that bird out in my yard has no qualms about pecking that living worm out of my yard for his supper. Nor do any number of other species on this planet who eat other living beings in order to survive and thrive. (Don’t even get me started on how many MORE life forms are killed through agriculture than via the conventional meat industry. Do your own research on the matter.) Bottom line, for me, is I want to achieve optimal health. And I have some stubborn weight to lose. So, the carnivore diet I was first introduced to the idea (like almost everyone else) by watching Joe Rogan’s Interview with Dr. Shawn Baker. And that got me thinking. Then I learned about the success Jordan Peterson and his daughter, Mikhaila, were having following a carnivore diet, again, watching Joe Rogan’s interviews with them. (I hadn’t realized the impact Joe Rogan has had on my personal life until this very moment, lol!) and I thought about it some more. But I still wasn’t convinced to try it myself. Then one of my best girlfriends decided to try the carnivore diet… And she became an evangelist. She was constantly telling me why she was so passionate about this lifestyle and why she believes it is the holy grail of diets for the human species. And I still wasn’t convinced. In fact, I flat out resisted. But over time, as my body continued to struggle to lose weight, and I started having little health concerns pop up (insomnia, skin problems, concerns about possible high blood pressure and insulin resistance), I decided to give the carnivore diet a shot. Hell, I’d water-fasted for 7 days straight. This couldn’t be nearly that extreme. And I share my experience in the video above. I’d love to hear about your experience if you’ve also given the animals-only diet a try. Please leave your comments below. Enjoy!

Diet Confusion: Keto vs. Vegan

Diet Confusion: Keto vs. Plant-Based

Have you been experiencing diet confusion? Frustrated by all of the conflicting and contradictory diet and nutrition messages out there? In particular, there is a major difference of opinion as to whether a low-carb, ketogenic diet, or a low-fat whole-foods/plant-based diet is the better choice for overall health, nutrition, and longevity. I know I’ve experienced more than my share of confusion on the subject! I watched this video by Ryan of Happy Healthy Vegan the other night…twice…because I think the explanation shared by Cyrus Khambatta of Mastering Diabetes, who has a PhD in nutritional biochemistry, makes literally more sense than I have heard anyone explain it, ever. You may know that I published an online magazine Back in 2009 I launched Eighty Percent Raw, an online magazine for the raw foods community. I recruited over 25 raw food chef and health care practitioners who contributed to the magazine every month for 4 years. I simultaneously attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) for the purpose of attaining a health coaching certificate. I became a student because I am so passionate about learning the truth about optimal nutrition for humans. However, I will admit to having experienced more than a little diet confusion, where my own body is concerned. The two eating styles I have had the most weight-loss success with, over the years, have been the Atkins diet, which was basically the original keto diet, back when I was 20 years old. And the high raw foods diet when I was about 40. I lost 30+ pounds in 3 months the first time I tried low-carb and was really excited and amazed by my results. Thinking back on my experience I must admit that I felt kind of crappy, health-wise, as a result, though. I recall feeling light-headed and weak a lot of the time. And honestly, I really just viewed the eating plan as a short-term weight-loss program and not at all a long-term lifestyle. I just wanted to lose the weight as quickly as possible. And it worked GREAT for that purpose. But the results didn’t last… I gained the weight back quickly as soon as I started eating carbs again and that was followed by two pregnancies in three years…so, ya. My success with low-carb was short lived. And honestly, I’ve tried it again multiple times since then and it’s true what they say…you just can’t achieve the same results again a second or third or fourth time that you did that first time losing. The diet confusion continued. So, raw foods and veganism… You can read my full experience HERE But suffice it to say that I lost nearly 40 pounds over a few months following a high raw food diet, and kept it off (easily) for about 4 years. However…that was not without it’s complications either…which you can read about HERE To compound the situation…I am a huge student and consumer of health-related information on the internet. And yes, I have a godzillion books on…