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Update - Dumbledore - May 26, 2020

Silver Lining – Working on Dumbledore Portrait

Professor Albus Dumbleore – A Portrait I started my Harry Potter series just over a year ago. Dumbledore was third in the series and I still haven’t completely finished him. As you might have guessed, I started the series with a portrait of Harry Potter, which I completed in February of 2019. (CLICK HERE to …

Donald Trump - A Presidential Portrait

Donald Trump – A Presidential Portrait

Donald Trump is President of the United States of America And since Donald Trump holds that distinguished office, I decided a presidential portrait is the ideal theme for my current “Just For Fun” project. It’s been awhile since I created a piece on vegetable tanned leather, and I just happen to have some on-hand, so …

Custom Cutting Board

Custom Cutting Board – Raffle Winner

I belong to several local Chambers of Commerce, including the Forest Grove, Oregon Chamber. They had an annual Chamber dinner, at which they conducted a raffle. I offered to supply a $49 retail value, custom-laser-engraved bamboo cutting board to one of the raffle winners. This board is the piece I created for a co-chamber member …