I offer a variety of services to my clients including:


I'll hold your hand as you learn how to effectively set up business pages, integrate them with personal profiles to grow your audience, engage with your followers on a regular, recurring basis in order to increase your fan base, and incorporate appropriate social advertising that is both cost effective and produces more traffic to your website or landing pages. I'll also teach you tricks and tools to use that will allow you to do all of this devoting limited time each day so that you can focus on what you're really passionate about; growing your business!


"The money is in the list." We've all heard that a million times before. But how do you build, grow, and maintain that list? How do you create compelling email content that will offer value to your readers? More than that...how do you get those readers to engage with you in a more meaningful way so that they trust you enough to spend their hard-earned dollars with you? What kind of frequency should people be receiving email messages from you? How can you make sure you aren't spamming your followers? What tools should you use to create your mailings? I will train you about all of this and more so that you have a concrete plan of action for your email marketing strategy!


Feeling computer and internet illiterate? Have you been so busy working your business that you haven't taken the time to learn more effective ways to increase your customer base, keep your existing customers coming back for more, and tracking interaction so that you follow-up in a timely manner and don't leave piles of cash laying on the table? Not to worry! I have loads of experience utilizing a wide variety of software programs and tools (many offering free starter versions!) that will streamline your processes and eliminate (or greatly simplify) many of your daily challenges!


Utilizing many of the tools and processes I recommend to you we will work together to establish a more effective, manageable daily Plan of Action that will work for you and produce RESULTS! There are lots of great tools and plans out there that you could utilize...but if you aren't willing or able to consistently implement them then that isn't a good plan FOR YOU. Together we will figure out your unique work style then build a routine you will stick with and which will produce measurable RESULTS!


Do you have a website for your business? If you do...is it up-to-date with your current information? Is it working FOR YOU as an effective sales tool? Or is it just your internet street address offering you no real value? Is your website outdated and archaic looking...dating your business image in the 90's (the internet Stone Age!)? Do you have an online store where people can order your products and/or services? Is it integrated with an online payment gateway? Do you have the ability to login to your website and write regular blog posts, keeping your content fresh and compelling? Is it optimized for the best Google and other search engine rankings (SEO - Search Engine Optimization)? Do you like the idea of managing your own content? Or do you prefer to have a webmaster or someone else manage all of that for you? These are all considerations we will discuss as you think about the best approach for your online business presence. Training is also available if you decide you would like to be intimately involved in publishing new and continuing information on your website.


Are you currently stuck in a nine-to-five J-O-B from which you'd like to escape to pursue your own home-based or brick-and-mortar small business? I have more than 25 years experience in both small business start-up as well as extensive experience in a vast variety of direct sales and network marketing opportunities. I have been on the inside of many organizations and know what to look for...what represents a true income generating opportunity with product and a culture and compensation plan that will appeal to both you and your particular target market. We can explore your options for a viable home-based business or other exit strategy so that you have a solid Plan of Action generating income for you before you take that all-important leap into entrepreneurship!


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I have had the distinguished pleasure to connect with the wonderful grace of spirit in Tracy. It has been quite an amazing and thoroughly life-changing event in all areas of my life. She has provided profound insights into every area in my divine love connection to my partner, financial aspects, as well as the focus for the progress of my soul in this realm of existence. I am grateful to spirit for bringing us together for such a time as this. Therefore it is without question that I recommend her to you. Trust me you too will begin to accept her authenticity; and acknowledge her light and love.
Valerie M.Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
From start to finish, Tracy was a pleasure to work with, and definitely beat my expectations! In terms of customer service, she addresses both spoken and unspoken needs...Her commitment to making sure you’re happy shows through personal emails, flexibility, following up, and if needed, help with artistic vision and guidance through a project. It really doesn’t get better than this. If you’re reading this review, make the jump already!
Jason S.Portland, Oregon, USA
Tracy’s consultations have given me valuable insight into various personal situations over the last few months, and this has enabled me to make the right decisions regarding crucial areas of my life. She conducts her consults in an open, supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere, and she is always to the point. I would unreservedly recommend her services to anyone.
Lona K.Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom

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From business and career choices to relationships and spirituality. From diet and nutrition to health, and wellness. I am here to coach you through it all!