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Craft Projects for Stay At Home Time

I’ve always been a ‘maker’, even before that term was a thing. I’m an artist. I have to have at least one (or more!) craft projects in progress at all times.. And as a mom, back when I was raising my kids, crafts helped me keep my children occupied and provided quality family time. More recently, I’ve been able to engage my cute grand kids by sharing a variety of craft projects. And it makes my heart sing watching them experience the joy, pride, and sense of accomplishment that comes from having made something truly unique with their own hands. After years of collecting supplies, my work shop is filled with lots (and lots!) of different craft project materials. From beads, wire, stones, and pliers for jewelry making, to yarn and looms and crochet hooks for weaving, wood pieces, vegetable tanned leather and burning tools for pyrography and leather tooling, colored pencils, pastel chalk, construction paper, and artist tablets for drawing, rolls of sheet metal for embossing. I have a lot of supplies, lol! But sometimes, with all those supplies, the options become overwhelming. That’s why I am excited by the idea of a monthly craft project or box subscription! Sometimes organized simplicity is best. And especially when it’s something someone else has put together for me! Just grab and go! So, I thought I’d share some of the fun and exciting projects I’m thinking about doing, in case they might look fun to you, too! Here are some of my favorite suppliers for craft projects LIA GRIFFITH For those who love to learn, make, and create. Mostly with different kinds of paper. Lia Griffith offers beautiful and elegant craft projects for the discriminating home decorator. But they also offer lots of really cool and practical projects, like this one for homemade hand sanitizer But they also offer kids craft projects! Just check out all these AWESOME FREE PROJECTS for kids! And they don’t stop at free stuff for kids! They provide loads of free Printable Note Cards and Stationary as well as lots of instructional videos for a wide variety of darling projects! I’m in love. <3 You’ll definitely want to spend some time browsing around on the Lia Griffith website!     CRATEJOY Subscription boxes for everyone. And they aren’t just kidding! I mean, WOW! These guys offer something for everybody! Whether you’re looking for a craft project for your kids, book clubs, cooking clubs, self-care boxes, care crates for Grandparents, gifts for teachers, fun and games for the family…they have it all! They even offer a page full of Stay At Home Essentials that include a wine crate, a cookies crate, a vitamin and supplements crate, and more! (There’s even a  box, lol!) Here are their categories; Beauty, Books, Geek & Gamer, Home & Living, Food& Drink, Kids, Art & Culture, Health & Fitness And they make it super convenient and affordable! Check them out! A CHERRY ON TOP This is an online craft store specializing in…