Beer Dude Attitude

Beer DudeBeer Dude Attitude

Ok, so I logged onto Facebook today intending to post some uplifting Sunday-esque graphic or message. But a quick scroll through my feed brought me (glaringly) to this image…posted by someone in my friend’s list. This friend is a woman and her post associated with this picture said this: “Truth. (I should be more of a feminist, but I’m not.) open your mans beer when you bring it to him. He shouldn’t need to ask you to bring him one, you notice it’s empty, just fetch it.”
Now, seriously? I’m mind boggled. Ok, sadly…I’m not really. Having dealt with so many different people from a spiritual-coaching perspective I must say that I’m not altogether surprised. But it DOES make me sad to see a woman actually promoting this kind of attitude in her partner.
So many people and relationships are broken…
Here was my response to the image on her feed: “This is just wrong on so many levels. Key phrase here? “It better be…” Speaks to his attitude of expectation rather than partnership, equality, and appreciation. Clearly, this is a contrived graphic designed to elicit an emotional response (which it has done…a quick look at the comments proves that it was effective) and not (necessarily) representative of the actual guy in the photo. But still…this kind of Beer Dude attitude & relationship are certainly still out there (unfortunately.) He probably beats her, too, if she doesn’t “behave” according to his wishes and dictates. Ugh!”
What are YOUR thoughts?
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