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Breaking News – Perfect Keto Cinnamon Roll Bars New Product Launch

I have news that’s going to sweeten up your day (without a blood sugar spike). Perfect Keto has launched a new delicious Keto Bar flavor!   Introducing Cinnamon Roll Keto Bars 🙌 🙌 🙌   Prepare your taste buds for delectable, cinnamon fireworks fresh out of the Perfect Keto kitchen wrapped in a crisp, new outfit.   Think Cinnabon or Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, but without the messy icing, guilt, or sugar crash right after. If you’re a real cinnamon fan like me, you’re going to love them.   Here’s what’s inside each bar:   👍 only 3g of net carbs 👍 17g of healthy keto fats 👍 11g of grass-fed collagen protein   And without:   ❌ the sticky, icing-covered fingers. ❌ the inevitable blood sugar spike and crash that kills any productivity (we’ve all been there) ❌ the guilt of momentary pleasure in exchange for kicking yourself out of ketosis Perfect Keto is making your keto dreams come true.   For 5 days only, you can pick up ANY and ALL Keto Bar flavors at a discount to celebrate the launch of Cinnamon Roll:   Full price for 1 box 15% off 2 boxes 20% off 3 boxes 25% off 4+ boxes   Again, YES you can mix & match your favorite Keto Bar flavors, including the new Cinnamon Roll flavor.   Get up to 25% off ALL Keto Bar flavors–   🍫 Almond Butter Brownie 🍪 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 🍯 Salted Caramel 🍋 Lemon Poppyseed 🍮 NEW Cinnamon Roll   [CTA — Stock Up Now]   But hurry. This sale ends on August 9 at 11:59 PM CST. So don’t wait and risk missing this special offer.   Cheers, Tracy

Guitar Neck - Allen Zero

Custom Burned Guitar

I was contacted by a local guy who is working on a custom guitar as a gift for a long-time friend and band member. He wanted to know if I could burn some customization onto both the head stock/neck as well as a commemoration on the back. I was happy to do this burning and am excited to see the piece completed. My customer provided the instrument pieces, sanded down and ready for burning, which was perfect for me. I’ve tried my hand at stripping the finish off of a guitar so that I could burn it and that is a very laborious process. So, I was really pleased to work on this piece in it’s raw state. Here is a photo of the back side of the guitar – View more of my work at or order your own custom burned piece.

Donald Trump - A Presidential Portrait
Sticky Post

Donald Trump – A Presidential Portrait

Donald Trump is President of the United States of America And since Donald Trump holds that distinguished office, I decided a presidential portrait is the ideal theme for my current “Just For Fun” project. It’s been awhile since I created a piece on vegetable tanned leather, and I just happen to have some on-hand, so I decided this might be a fun one to work on. I’ve also been wanting to create a larger piece as an example of my portrait work. What better person than President Trump for this piece? He has such a “larger-than-life” personality! He is the perfect subject for this undertaking! The project size is 16″W x 20″H, much larger than any portrait I’ve burned before. On wood or leather. There is a LOT of shading in this photo, and much of that is very dark…with his navy jacket and the deep blue and red in the flag…plus the blurred shading in the background. That much shading represents many, many hours of burning. So, I’ve allowed time to work on this project, between client work, and when the mood strikes me. I’m happy to say it’s about finished! Which is great, since I started work on it in the summer of 2019! I just need to add final touches then have a custom mat and frame made suitable for the dignity of this piece. *I’m secretly hoping to send this completed portrait to our president and would love to, ultimately, see it hanging in the White House! Wouldn’t that be amazing?! I’ll update this post with the matted and framed piece…ready to hang. Until then…you can view the progress I was making on this piece below. And if you like my work you can… See more of my projects…both for fun and commissions for clients…on my website – Follow me on Facebook! You can contact me at my website above if you’re interested in hiring me for your own, original work of pyrography art! And definitely LIKE, SHARE, and CLICK THE BELL on My YouTube Channel to receive notifications if you like my time-lapse pyrography and other videos! Thanks! Tracy                                                      

Klaus Mikaelson - Progress

Klaus Mikaelson Portrait

Klaus Mikaelson is my favorite character from the television series’ The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. I knew I wanted to create a series of burnings depicting several of the characters from both shows.  It was no contest deciding which character I wanted to burn first! Klaus is the bad guy you hate to love. He is capable of unimaginable evil and viciousness…while at the same time possessing such a depth of personality…culture, elegance, dignity, passion, devotion and even sensitivity, with a tender heart for those select few he is devoted to. The story line shows us that he only became evil as a result of the abuse and injustice he suffered at the hands of those he has loved. So, I really dig the way the directors of the show developed his character. My Klaus piece is not finished. I still have quite a bit more shading to do. I’ll post another photo when I feel like I am ready to call him done. All told…I probably have about 20 hours into burning this piece. He is not for sale…copyright infringement law and all that. But if he WERE…and guestimating I’ll finish at about 25 hours…his price would be $1,500. If you like this piece, I’m guessing you’re going to love my Severus Snape burning! See more of my projects…both for fun and commissions for clients…on my website – And if you like my work I’d love to have you follow me on Facebook! You can contact me at my website above if you’re interested in hiring me for your own, original work of pyrography art! And definitely LIKE this video, SHARE, and Click The Bell to receive notifications whenever I post new videos! Thanks! Tracy

Custom Cutting Board

Custom Cutting Board – Raffle Winner

I belong to several local Chambers of Commerce, including the Forest Grove, Oregon Chamber. They had an annual Chamber dinner, at which they conducted a raffle. I offered to supply a $49 retail value, custom-laser-engraved bamboo cutting board to one of the raffle winners. This board is the piece I created for a co-chamber member who represented Waste Management NW. He created this custom design, which I burned onto a 17″W x 12″H bamboo cutting board using our commercial laser-engraving machine. I can customize any wooden cutting board with nearly any image and/or lettering combination. He is happy with the way it turned out. The burning reflects the natural banding found with bamboo boards. View more of my pyrography work at or order your own custom burned piece.

Kaylee Unicorn

Two Little Girl Jewelry Boxes

I was contacted by a local guy who was making two essentially identical boxes that he was going to turn into jewelry boxes as gifts for his girlfriend’s two daughters. He knew the images he wanted to use and the font style. So, I just had to put those together in a pleasing layout. He is a woodworker himself, so brought these to me as solid blocks of wood that he planned to finish and turn into boxes after I completed the customization. These turned out really cute and he was super pleased. The art reflects each of the girl’s personality types and their own interests. This was simple art and not something I normally do…but I was happy to take the work and he was pleased with the finished pieces. View more of my pyrography work at or order your own custom piece.

Severus Snape

Severus Snape Portrait

Snape is my favorite character from the Harry Potter series. I guess I must have a soft place in my heart for the supposed “villian”…at least in some stories. Throughout almost the entire Harry Potter saga we are led to believe that Severus is someone to be feared. That he is a “bad guy” and out to get Harry and his friends. But in the end we discover that he is really the ultimate good guy. I wanted to find an image of his character that really depicted his depth and intensity of emotion. I hope those things are reflected in this piece.

Dumbledore - Progress

Albus Dumbledore Portrait

Professor Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movies. He’s still not completely finished…I need to get back to him. All that hair…lol! I’ll post another photo when he’s done. Visit to view more of my pyrography work or to order your own custom piece.

Harry Potter - Finished

Harry Potter Portrait

UPDATED: 3/20/2019 – I’ve added the finished piece. Of course, as an artist I’m never really sure when a work is really DONE. You can always add a little more shading here…a little more smoothing there. I’m sure I’ll probably continue to made subtle changes. But he is essentially done now and hanging on my office wall… Can you guess which character is NEXT in my series??? — I’ve been having a yearning to play with some fun burning…just for myself! And since I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan I decided to do a portrait of him. This shows the first two phases…and I’ll post a separate one when I feel like he’s fully finished! But for now…this gives a little insight into what I’ve been working on in my spare moments lately! View more of my pyrotraphy work at or order your own custom piece.

Beef and Vegetables

My Diet Struggle – Keto-Carnivore or Vegan?

I’m sitting here in pain. Abdominal pain. It started late yesterday afternoon and it’s now 8:05 the next morning. It kept me awake most of the night. It’s a digestive thing. Nothing too serious…I can just tell. You know…the kind you feel after eating too many beans? Ya, that kind. But intense. It comes in waves, so it’s not constant. But a new cramp comes on every few minutes and it makes me writhe and palpate my belly like I would knead a big wad of bread dough. That does seem to help. A little. So, before I get into the whole how and why of my current predicament, let me just establish one important fact: I’m Swedish. And English. By ancestry. So, Scandinavian and Northern European. That little fact will come in handy later on in this post. I won’t go into my background going raw vegan and what motivated that lifestyle change. I already addressed that topic in excruciating detail in another blog post HERE, but suffice it to say that I am still drawn to that dietary choice every-so-often…mostly because I had success with weight-loss during that time…something that has been an almost constant challenge for me my entire adult life. But here’s the thing… I watch YouTube videos by all the big names in that community; Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and his son, Rip. And I completely buy into the science behind their claims. And being concerned first and foremost with my health and longevity and weight-loss as a secondary benefit, I go to the store, load up on all of the low-fat, high-starch grains, potatoes, vegies and fruits recommended feeling determined to make it work for me THIS TIME. And then I start eating that food…and the symptoms start. Ugh! It used to be severe joint pain. I’m talking the kind that is so bad I literally thought I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. I couldn’t even roll over in bed at night or lift my legs to walk on a flat surface without unbearable pain in my knees. And sometimes ankles and wrists, too. And anemia. Bad anemia. Like…I felt like I was going to pass out in public. That went away when I re-introduced animal products into my diet. Thank goodness! But then I realized I was finally on the other side of all of the hormonal changes that went along with my 10-year journey through menopause. So, I started to wonder if the joint pain might have been associated with hormones. Additionally, I had regained the 35 pounds I lost when eating raw foods which enticed me to try going plant-based again. But every time I did I would get the strangest symptoms as a result. I mean, immediately after eating a carb-heavy meal. The middle toes on (primarily) my left foot would stiffen up in Charlie Horse cramps. This happened consistently. I know because I tested it. I would return to a ketogenic…