Month: September 2018

Brad Pitt - Duo
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Playing with the Laser Engraver

They said it was just like using a printer. And it kind of is… A REALLY COMPLICATED PRINTER ON STEROIDS! A printer with lots of diverse settings that have to be adjusted for power and speed and resolution and dithering effect, and, and, and… Not just that…those things (and more) have to be re-calibrated for each different type of material you are “printing” onto. For example; the settings you might use to achieve the perfect…

McLeod Mountain Cabin Plaque
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Rustic Plaque for Mountain Cabin

I was recently contacted by a gentleman from Wilsonville, OR who wanted a hand-burned, rustic plaque as a gift for his dear friend to hang on the wall in his mountain cabin. He wasn’t sure what font he wanted or whether to include any graphics or not, but he definitely knew he wanted his friend’s last name and the latitude and longitude coordinates for the cabin. With that information and knowing he was going for…